Products from trusted growers

Products from trusted growers.

P. Seelen has a passion for high-quality products. The company has invested in long-standing business relationships and works closely with good and dependable growers. Thanks to that teamwork, we jointly guarantee genuine, high-quality brands. Together with its growers, P. Seelen supplies the following house brands.

Freshcrop Dutch vegetables from Roerdalen

Freshcrop is a registered trademark of the Roerdalen fruit and vegetable cooperative. Freshcrop fruit and vegetables are grown in an environmentally friendly manner by local farmers in the fertile soil around Roerdalen. Thanks to the exclusive partnership with trading company P. Seelen Grubbenvorst B.V., typically Dutch products such as celeriac, leeks, courgettes, cauliflowerasparaguscucumbersrhubarb, Brussels sproutsgreen beansblueberries and strawberries are delivered rapidly to consumers, within just hours in some cases, and at a fair price.

Tsjakka pomegranates

We import fresh Tsjakka pomegranates directly from our grower in Turkey. With GLOBALG.A.P. and a residue analysis as standard.

Nanja asparagus

Double A quality, extra white asparagus from North Limburg. Nanja asparagus is grown by our own exclusive partners and supplied in clearly recognisable packaging that also keeps the produce fresh for a long time.

Prins vine tomatoes

Prins is our own brand of medium chunky, firm, red and extra-tasty vine tomatoes. We supply Prins vine tomatoes all year round, sourced from our own exclusive growers, according to fixed and uniform product specifications.

Nanja leeks

Outstanding leeks of guaranteed, uniform quality all year round, in accordance with clear product specifications. P. Seelen supplies Nanja leeks, sourced from its own exclusive growers, as summer leeks, autumn leeks and winter leeks. And always in the same attractive packaging.

Sweet Lions cherry tomatoes

The Sweet Lions brand guarantees deliciously sweet, top-quality cherry tomatoes, sourced from our own exclusive growers. Sweet Lions are supplied as Red Lions red cherry tomatoes and Yellow Lions yellow cherry tomatoes in any commonly used form of packaging.

Sweety’s and Pauline cherry tomatoes on the vine

Sweety’s and Pauline are our own brands of top-quality vine-ripened cherry tomatoes with a fresh sweet taste. We supply Sweety’s and Pauline all year round, sourced from our own exclusive growers, in the same, attractive packaging and in accordance with uniform quality standards and clear product specifications.